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Sanitizers & Shocks

1 Chlorine Tablets Bromine Tabs Bromine Granular
Bromo Bright Tablets Chlorinating Granules

Provides a source of active bromine ideal for continuous disinfecting of your spa. Tablets are designed to dissolve slowly in spa feeders.

Chlorinating Granules is quick dissolving and has a neutral pH; ideal for disinfecting spa water.

Quick dissolving, concentrated bromine booster. Acts to stabilize the sanitizer and oxidizer for clean and clear spa water. Effective over a wide range of pH.
2 Lb. Bottle - CSSO002
2 Oz. Packet - CSSO002Z

Crystal Shock Spa Seltzer
Crystal Shock Spa Seltzer
A non-chlorine shock that keeps water crystal clear. Provides an oxygen boost for existing chlorine and removes organic materials that can build in spa water.

A quick dissolving seltzer tab containing mineral spring salts and bacteria fighting ingredients. Enhance your spa life with Japanese hot spa ingredients that give a soothing feel.