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All registered dealers automatically become rewards members.
Please read through all benefits and requirements on this page before proceeding.

Download this flyer as a pdf to print.

Authorized ClearView™ Dealer


1. Must have physical retail location. (Internet retail sales do not apply)

2. Must promote and sell the full line of ClearView products.
Products must include:
Jumbo Tabs or Scent-Trific Tabs, Granular 56, Bromo Tabs, and AlgaeCure.
Balancers: Calcium Increaser, pH Up, pH Down, and Total Alkalinity.
Shocks: Chlor Free 15 and Insta-Chlor, or Shimmer n Shock.
Specialties: Copper Strike, Mineral Magnet, Drop Out, Filter Aid, Quat Power, Poly Power 60, Poly Power 30, Crystal Clarifier, and Biozyme

3. Order minimum 500.00 U.S.D. prepaid freight minimum 4,500.00
In areas where ClearView is sold through distribution, Oreq and distributor will cooperatively determine if dealer territory is available.

Dealers With Multiple Ship-To Locations:
Businesses that wish to manage multiple locations from a single account should select the "master account" checkbox on the following registration page.  This will allow the main business to accrue and manage points for all locations entered.  Oreq assumes no responsibility or liability regarding allocation of program benefits or points. 
All others should register each location separately.
All registered locations must meet the above stated dealer requirements.

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