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ClearView - Your First Choice in Quality Algaecides
99% trichlor granular. Effective algaecure for black and green algae infestations. Also used as a super chlorination water treatment.
Copper Strike
A copper algaecide that eliminates and controls the growth of all types of algae in pool water. Highly effective when used as an algae prevention treatment. Use with all pool surfaces. Non-staining, with quick results. Compatible with all treatment systems chlorine, bromine, copper, silver ionization and ozone.
Poly Power 60
Highly concentrated preventative for treating hard to kill mustard, black, and blue-green algae in chlorine or bromine treated pools. Will not staining pool surfaces. Non-foaming, non-metallic.

Also available as
Poly Power 30.

Highly effective economical algaecide for the control of algae slime in pool water.