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All of our thermometers come with both Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales in sealed blown glass tubes.
Thermometer Plastic, w/3. Cord (Clam Shell). (Bulk TH520K).
Thermometer Plastic Floating, (Clam Shell). (Bulk TH530K).
Thermometer Maxi Clear Tube w/3. Cord (Clam Shell).
Thermometer Clear View, Floatable/Sinkable w/3. Tile Stick Cord. This thermometer has features that enable it to float freely, or become attached to the wall, suspended by an adjustable tether. Large print numbers and clear view materials make reading this thermometer especially easy. Durable, heavy weight materials provide added integrity. (Clam Shell).
Thermometer Chrome-Plated Brass, w/3. Cord (Clam Shell). (Bulk TH510K).