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Standard Capacity
New clear design looks transparent in the pool. Our injection plastic construction and material is chemical and UV resistant. We have added foam for additional flotation. Features adjustable flow meter to vary the dissolution. Each unit holds 3 pounds of 3 inch tablets or one-inch tablets, with an easy-read lockable top. Standard Capacity 3 LB.
Float Chlorinator, holds 1” tabs
Float Chlorinator, blue & white, 1”tabs

High Capacity
Floating Sanitizer Dispenser plus a tilt device that acts as a refill reminder. A twist lock top for protection and a variable flow ring to manage chlorination. Holds 1" or 3" tablets. Longer throat size helps to keep float from settling on steps. Each unit holds four and a half pounds (4 1/2 lbs.) of three-inch tablets, or one-inch tablets. High Capacity 4.5 LB.

Animal Shapes
Add some fun to your pool. These adorable creatures are designed to help keep the water sparkling clean by housing 1” or 3” tablets. Adjustable flow meter to adjust the dissolution rate.
Chillin Charlie Chlorinator
Chillin Charlie Brominator