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Floating Fountains and Spray Caps

If you want to add flowing water to your pool but don’t have the option of adding a built in unit, then Oreq’s floating fountain is what you are looking for.

Our floating fountains are available in 3 different styles:  the AquaSplash, which features a triple tier water spout;  the Aqua Wonder, which features a Double Tier water spout;  and the Color Fall, which features a triple tier water spout and is brilliantly lit with red LED lights.

All of our floating fountains are made in the USA, to ensure quality and performance.

Replacement Parts Kit also available:  Part# AK300.
Contact your customer service rep for more information.

Each Floating Fountain also offers these unique features:
·  Precision molded parts to ensure holes are free of burrs and water projects smoothly
· Plastic, encapsulated, low profile weight - protects floor bottom from rust and is practically invisible
· Crystal clear, UV treated water supply hose
· Multi-adapter kit included which fits nearly every type of pool return line for easy installation and connection

The Color Fall also features beautiful red LED lights, which adds brilliance to any environment and operates simply on 4 AA batteries (NOT included).

Spray Caps are available in White or Clear UV treated ABS plastic and either MIP fitting or simple slip fitting.

Easy installation and virtually no upkeep. Perfect for the warm weather environments.